Welcome to the Harley-Davidson Breakout-Friends!

The Breakout Friends (BoF) were founded through the Facebook group "Harley Davidson Breakout Friends" in March 2014 with eventually over 4'800 Friends worldwide. Unfortunately that Facebook group has been widthdrawn in summer 2017 by one of the original founders together with some people around a regional Group Administrator in Germany. We deeply regret this and dissociate ourselves in all forms from this action.

Today we are the reestablished group of Harley Davidson Breakout enthusiasts in Switzerland and nearby regions. The 'originals' you may say... However, we are sure you understand that it makes little sense for you to become a member of our local BoF group. Thus, we still encourage Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout enthusiasts around the world, to create (or recreate) your own regional Breakout Friends (BoF) group through Facebook or WhatsApp, as we do.

If you are interested in building a BoF group in your region, you may have added your coordinates to our website, so others will be able to find you easily. If you wish do do so, please drop a note to: info@breakout-friends.org. We will certainly help you with advise to get started smoothly.

The idea for us in Switzerland is to organize several regional ride-outs and meetings each year and try to help each other by exchanging all kind of views on our Breakouts. Membership is usually open to anyone who owns a Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout and intends to share time and spirit with like-minded people.

To identify with the group, different BoF garments and patches are available in our webshop. However, we wish to emphasize that these garments are not to represent an MC!

International BoF Groups
Breakouters in your Country or local Region might be looking out for other H-D Breakout Friends. It's just much more fun to ride this fantastic iron in a mutual group!

Find here your regional BoF group: